About Annie


My life as an entrepreneur probably started a lot like yours: working long hours in a job that wasn't particularly fulfilling and knowing in my gut that I needed to work for myself.

It was years before that lightbulb moment actually turned into becoming a successful entrepreneur, though. Years of twists, turns, detours, and dead ends that almost had me giving up on my dreams completely.

But not quite. That's the number one reason that you want me in your corner: I'm resilient. The first small business I ever worked for was my dad’s steel manufacturing plant. I worked on an assembly line during my summer breaks. Over the years, I worked in a number of other small businesses learning the ins and outs of success and failure.

I set out to start my own private massage practice, and quickly realized how much I loved learning and teaching. I followed my passion all the way into opening up my own massage school, right here in my current home of Wenatchee, WA. For the past 8 years, I've been the administrator of a highly successful training program I developed from scratch, empowering dozens of massage therapists to create a work life they love. Over the years, I slowly but surely became the go-to person in my community for those who need practical, pragmatic advice on how create a life of ease and balance--AND make money in the process. I even ended up being the president of the American Massage Therapy Association (which has over 5000 members...and taught me a lot about herding cats...but that's a whole other story). Additionally, I recently completed my masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine while running my business full time.

What was the number one thing I craved all those years? A vibrant, active community of like-minded peers. It can get lonely when you set out to work for yourself--and it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you are dealing with yet another setback. But now I know that the years of tears, frustrations, and just plain mistakes that I went through did have purpose---to create this community and tell you all about them. Why? So we can share our struggles and our triumphs and learn from one another.

My love of research, brain science, and just plain reading has made it clear to me that creating a business doesn't have to be complicated--you just need to work smart. That's why I created Brainy Boss. A place for people who know what they want and that they have the grit to make it, but need a community that understands and can help.