Podcasts I Love

Here is a list of podcasts that regularly listen to. Not all are business related- they just happen to be ones I love! What are you favorites? I am always looking for something new.

Ugly 100K

Andrea Lipomi has a no-frills podcast about her journey earning 100K in one year. It is recorded in her car, in her closet or walking down the street. Andrea is honest and real about the hustle it takes to build your business. She was on the Brainy Boss Podcast back in Episode 10.

Therapy for Humans

Rowan Blaisdell is a psychotherapist who addresses a lot of taboo topics in a very honest, straight forward and real way. If you are a human who interacts with other humans, this is your podcast. Listen to him on my podcast, Episode 4.

Better Life Better Business

Bill Widmer is someone who gets balancing work with life and enjoying the best of both. He is also an SEO genius and content expert. If you have a business and a life, you will enjoy listen to Bill. He was on Brainy Boss back in Episode 13.

Sword & Scale

DO NOT click “listen now” unless you love very detailed true crime. True crime is one of my favorite weirdo hobbies and this podcast is not for the faint of heart. Seriously- listen with caution. You have been warned.

Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn should probably have his own page on my site. This podcast and Pat’s Classes are how I got started with podcasting. He is brilliant and just a really nice guy. If you are looking to build passive income, check out this show.

SuperSoul Conversations

Oprah. Probably don’t need to say more. BUT….the real reason I am sharing this podcast is for the series she does with Eckhart Tolle about his book, The New Earth. Life changing. Start with this episode.

Making the Brand

Chris Brogan does a great job of getting to the essence of what makes a company successful. I also personal Chris’ casual style that always feels like you are enjoying a cup of coffee with him.