This is a list of tools I use to make everything run more smoothly!

Apps that save time


Stop going back and forth with scheduling meetings. Use Calendly, thank me later.


This is my favorite team management software. It is like having an entire room of well organized sticky notes but it is all online, all accessible to the entire team.


Tired of forgetting passwords? Want to share access to a site without sharing your password? Want to securely store bank and credit card information? Use this.


Automatic email marketing. What else do you want? Amazing help videos? Great customer service? Yep.


If you have a service business where you need clients to have access to online scheduling? Acuity is my favorite. I use it for my massage business.


You must have a to do list. If you love paper lists, that is fine, move on. But if you want the best digital to do list, this is what you need.


Apps for mental health


This is a very simple but very powerful phone app that reminds you to take a few moments to breathe. If you own a business, I can guarantee there are moments you will need this app more than anything else.


Productivity Methods

Tomato Timer

I love the Pomodoro method. This app is the timer for it!